CFE Day 2 & 3: Common Testing Scenarios – Audit & Assurance

First Time Audits: Create an audit planning memo using Risk, Approach, Materiality, Procedures (RAMP) that is specific to the implications of the client situation. Risk: Use risk factors that are case facts and specific to the client. State the “therefore” factor of the risk. Ex- Risk is increased because there is a new controller “therefore” Read more about CFE Day 2 & 3: Common Testing Scenarios – Audit & Assurance[…]

Motivation is a Marathon

I woke up at 6am . I stretch and drink a glass of lemon water. I read for half-an-hour, then get in a 20 minute workout. I take a cold shower, drink a protein shake, and brush my teeth. On my way to work, I listen to a podcast. In the office, I dig deep Read more about Motivation is a Marathon[…]