Motivation is a Marathon

I woke up at 6am .

I stretch and drink a glass of lemon water.

I read for half-an-hour, then get in a 20 minute workout.

I take a cold shower, drink a protein shake, and brush my teeth.

On my way to work, I listen to a podcast.

In the office, I dig deep into my creative flow.

I get tons of work done and reach my goals.

On the way back home, I call my mom and do the groceries.

I make myself a healthy meal, then work out.

One hour of writing and one hour of reading.

I turn the lights and fall asleep with a big smile on my face.

I couldn’t have done more, I gave it my all.

I feel amazing, on top of the world.

A perfect day.

I have them once in a while, about once a week.

On other days, I wake up at 7:30

I don’t work out, my shower is hot, my podcast is music, social media fucks with my flow and I don’t get my work done.

I order take out and watch Netflix.

But I still sleep like a baby.

It’s okay not to have perfect days. Its okay to not be on top of motivation mountain.

We tend to think of motivation as a tireless source of driving intrinsic energy and we get confused when we lose it, when we feel unmotivated.

But motivation is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

It’s not giving up on trying to have perfect days.


Source: De Clerck, Head of Growth Salesflare

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